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Our Story

It was the year 2020, LA has been shut down and Chad had a 1975 Dodge Van where creative, crafted tea concoctions were being steeped. Stopping at multiple corners throughout the City of Angels, one smaller beach town took hold of these tasty oatmilk based beverages. The Esplanade in Redondo Beach is filled with dog walkers and open minds. The evenings turned into a gathering we called, Sunset and Tea. Nightly, Chad and his groovy 'Uncle Rico's' van would steep up a cup of tea that was out of this world as the community gazed upon the sunset and celebrated another beautiful day in paradise. Amidst all of this, a storefront was dreamt and found and the Racer Tea Bar was born.

Coffee Shop
Latte Art
Coffee Drip
Multicolor Coffees
Coffee on Table
Pouring Coffee into Filter
Woman Drinking Coffee
Couple Drinking Coffee
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