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Oat milk based lattes. Get them hot or iced. There is something for everyone on our menu. Ranging from high caffeine to no caffeine. A classic Earl Grey to an eclectic Black Thai, there's even a Mocha Nut Mate which mimics the nutty taste of coffee.


Tea Lattes

    • The Greaser: Mocha nut mate w/ caramel and agave
    • The Rocker: Earl grey w/ lavender and honey
    • The Teddy: English breakfast tea w/ maple syrup 
    • Twist the Throttle: Black Thai tea w/ brown sugar
    • The Goth: Almond oolong w/ honey and sea salt 
    • The Punk: Traditional Thai iced tea w/ agave
    • The Beatnik: Jasmine green tea w/ honey
    • The Hillbilly: Lapsang Souchong w/ bourbon flavor and brown sugar
    • The Mod: Genmai Cha - Japanese green tea w/ rice and brown sugar
    • The Rude Boy: Orange rooibos w/ honey
    • Ton Up: Turmeric chai w/ maple syrup
    • The Rasta: Hibiscus based. A vacation in a cup! 
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